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Dog Assessment

Not sure if your dog is ready for a buddy (human or canine)?

Unsure why your dog does certain behaviors?

Are you a rescue group looking for an assessment of a potential dog for placement?

All too often I meet clients who fail to determine if getting an additional dog is a good choice for their current dog. Although it is VERY rewarding and exciting to get a new pet or rescue a dog we must think with our heads and not just our hearts. Frequently, everyone in the family falls in love with a new dog yet they seem to forget how their current dog may feel. Sometimes when the current dog or new dog have very different temperaments you may find yourself with big problems. Competition, fighting, resource guarding, soiling and other unpleasant behaviors.

There are also times when dogs and kids can have differences. It is a huge responsibility as parents to select a dog who can be around children and enjoy their company. Otherwise, you may find yourself in a situation where you worry about your family’s safety or maybe your dog’s wellbeing.

Ever wonder why your dog is behaving in very strange ways such as light chasing, shadow chasing, tail chasing or other similar obsessive-compulsive behaviors?

In all these situations, doing a dog assessment and taking the time to make certain everyone can live together safely and happily is very wise. Investigating before you find yourself in a sticky situation is good practice. Sometimes dogs behave in certain ways and can be resolved easily. Others however, may need some intervention and assistance in changing behaviors.

So, before you make a commitment that could be for up to 15 years. Consider getting an assessment.