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CGC stands for Canine Good Citizen.

It is like a dog’s diploma and he’s ready for the world.

• My owner is a responsible dog owner.

• I have manners in public.

• I know all my Basic Obedience commands.

• I am worthy of respect and acceptance

in my community.

I believe ALL dog owners should go into dog ownership with obtaining their CGC as a primary goal. I mean what do you have to lose for having a well behaved dog? You lose

nothing, but you will gain respect and admiration from the community for being a respon­sible pet owner. Let’s face it, if there were more of you our shelters would NOT be over­flowing. Thousands of animals would NOT be euthanized on a yearly basis. So go ahead, be contagious. Start a movement of responsible dog owners. The items on the test are all the things that the public expects our dogs to be able to accomplish.

The 10 steps on the test include:

1.) Accepting a friendly stranger – will my dog pounce on you when you come to shake my hand?

2.) Sitting politely for petting - would my dog want your finger for lunch?

3.) Appearance and grooming – does my dog prefer bows or Mohawks?

4.) Out for a walk – really who is walking who?

5.) Walking through a crowd – does my dog insist on putting his nose where it should NOT be?

6.) Sit / Down / Stay – can my dog really do all three on command without a treat?

7.) Coming when called – will my dog come to me without hearing the sound of the food bag?

8.) Reaction to another dog – can my dog be in the presence of other canines without immediately

initiating the rear sniffing game?

9.) Reaction to distraction – will my dog stay in his fur if he hears a very loud noise?

10.) Supervised separation – do I have to sign my dog up for a Psychiatric Evaluation due to co-dependency?

As a dog trainer of 20 years, it amazes me how many dogs lack basic everyday manners. I take realistic approach to dog training. How can I co-exist with my dog considering my lifestyle and needs, and his lifestyle and needs? I certainly want my dog to have manners. Should you visit me at my home, I would not want you to feel like you just entered a foot­ball game and you’re the quarterback with the ball. Or if you brought your daughter up to pet my dog and he decided to steal her ice cream instead. These are all very basic concepts our dog should learn right from the gate. However, I cannot expect my dog to know what is considered rude in our world. I must FIRST teach it. I mean you can’t expect me to fly an airplane if you never showed me how. It’s just not fair. Most owners will look at their dog after he consumes the little girl’s ice cream like “you know better?” Does he REALLY? Maybe if he was taught “leave it” he would’ve understood that the ice cream is off limits. But instead he did not know; he enjoyed the refreshing ice cream, then he likely was yelled at and the little girl was screaming. All the while no one had a great experience with your dog. So who is really to blame? This is just one small example of the world’s outlook on dogs and their owners. So, I would like to challenge all of you to be a responsible dog owner, obtain your Canine Good Citizenship Certificate and prove to the world that your dog is a VERY good dog.

To learn more about the Canine Good Citizenship Testing visit

If you are ready to take the test email me at


Can my dog be tested?  
If dogs have been trained at home and are well-mannered, owners can have their dogs tested. Clubs and training programs in almost every city can provide CGC training to owners and dogs who need to learn a few more skills before taking the test.

Who can take the test?
All dogs, including both purebred and mixed breed dogs are welcome to participate in the CGC program. Dogs must be old enough to have received necessary immunizations such as rabies vaccines, and there is no age limit on the test. A dog is never too old to be a good citizen.

Where can I go to have my dog tested?
Currently testing is being done in the Lancaster, PA area.


Is the CGC an official AKC title?
The CGC award is not an official AKC title because the testing is not administered by our licensed judges. Owners should be proud of the award and recognize that the CGC is gaining credibility and recognition in our communities. Participating in this program helps spread the word about the importance of responsible dog ownership.
This title is also a creditable form of documentation for landlords &
home owners insurance..