MAX M. - Golden Retriever,
2 year old male, Adopted from Humane League


Max is a hyperactive yet fearful dog. Michelle really took the time to teach us how to train him specifically not just to any dog in general. We learned how to relate to Max so he can fully trust us which allowed us to teach him even better. Michelle went above and beyond helping us with Max. She really took the time to get to know him which resulted in the best way to train him. I am so grateful to her in helping us to settle Max down and for teaching us the best ways to relate to him.
Hi, Michelle,
I can't thank you enough for all you have done for us and Max.  We continue to work with him, and I see huge changes in him that will continue, I am sure.  He seems like such a different dog, and it is thanks to you and all your techniques that allow him to be so much better.  Thank you, again!                                                           
Lisa M. - Lancaster, PA

GUS L. - American Pit Bull Terrier
7 month old male, rescued

I enjoyed learning how to teach Gus basic manners, making him more confident and how to control him better. We really enjoyed Puppy Obedience Class. Gus has learned to be more sociable and all his basic obedience commands.                    
Weslea L. - Lancaster, PA

DEXTER B. -Vizsla
6 month old male, from breeder

We loved learning all the Basic Obedience skills. Dexter loved the social aspect of the class. Michelle had a lot of additional information and was ready to answer any questions we had.                     
Brad & Steph B. - Leola, PA