Michelle Carroll
"Canine Advocate"


 Michelle Carroll
 Enzo - Michelle - Philly - Tayvin

"My purpose is to educate dog owners how to understand what their dog is saying and how to motivate their dog to make good choices!”


I have been involved in dog training and dog rescue since I was a kid. I became serious about dog training as a career in 1990. In the past 20 plus years I have immersed myself in obtaining the skills I needed to meet the need of dog owners with all sorts of training needs. During my career I have acquired the ability to read dogs and motivate them to make better choices with the use of positive motivation. I am blessed to continue to receive many referrals from veterinarians and rescue groups from Harrisburg, York and Lancaster for clients who own aggressive dogs to dogs needing basic manners.


In 2001, I received my Group Class Training Certification from Animal Behavior Training Associates and my Evaluator Certification from the American Kennel Club for the Urban Canine, Community Canine, Canine Good Citizenship and S.T.A.R. Puppy Programs.


From 2001 - 2004, I launched the Canine Education Program at PETCO in Hanover, PA & York, PA. During this time I not only trained dog owners how to teach their dog basic obedience skills but I trained several Animal Behavior Training Associates students to become Certified Professional Dog Trainers.


I enlisted in dog training mentor-ship programs with local trainers. Canine Educator, Robin Lytle & Animal Behaviorist, Ann Withun. I have learned the amazing ability to teach basic obedience commands and work with dogs with serious aggression issues.


I continuously stay current with the latest training techniques & tools by reading material from famous trainers such as Karen Overall, Karen Pryor & Dr. Sophia Yin, seeing seminars and consulting with other professional trainers. My education, training and experiences have helped me develop successful Puppy Obedience Classes, Basic Obedience Classes, Advanced Obedience Classes, Dog Carting Classes, Trick Training Classes & Reactive Dog Classes at Oscar's Pet Resort in Lancaster PA since 2008.


I am a firm believer that all dogs have a purpose, which led me to become a Trainer/Evaluator for Keystone Pet Enhanced Therapy Services in 2010 and assist frequently with a local service dog program, United Disability Services.


In 2014, I joined up with TADSAW (Train A Dog, Save A Warrior). This program allows me to pair up a homeless dog with a military veteran to assist them with their daily struggles such as physical or emotional disabilities and PTSD. This program has been a truly rewarding experience. As each dog and veteran possess a very special need.


Being the owner and a previous foster parent to over 20 pit bulls, I am truly a "Canine Advocate". When I am not helping clients live in harmony with their furkids, I volunteer my time and expertise to local shelters, delight in my role as a wife, mother of three and owner of Tayvin, my rescued pit mix. See what I have to offer you and your furkid!


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